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Unpacked by Flybuys. Tangible data, transparent results.

Taking raw data straight from the registers and turning it into customer insights you can use. All backed by the smarts of Australia’s most popular loyalty program.

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Our solutions unpacked

We unpack data at every step, hand selecting all the important information and laying it out clearly for you to see. No stone left unturned.

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Audience insights

We help you understand your audience segments, by analysing what, when and how they buy.

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Marketing activation

We help you reach the right people at the right time, with custom audiences shaped by real behaviours.

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Measurable results

We give you the power to measure the impact of every single media dollar you spend.

Why Flybuys? Just ask Australia.

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Active Flybuys members across Australia.

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Flybuys cards scanned every single second.

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Physical retail outlets partnered with Flybuys.

And more than 27 years on, we’re still Australia’s most popular rewards program.

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